Pro Armor Doors

On the first ride just down the road I seen doors were a must on this RZR, Not only do doors make a more comfortable feel when riding but they offer a lot of protection from the elements. On the first ride I found my outside knee to be sticking out past the cab slightly causing it to pick up a lot of water/mud and that got me to thinking in a roll over my knee is going to be in the same place which could be very dangerous. So I went to Pro Armor and picked up a set of their doors in black with aluminum skins and no cut outs. These doors from Pro Armor are built from all aluminum which makes them light weight and strong, I also opted for the aluminum skins with no cut outs instead of the nets for the extra protection. These door frames came in a box as an assembly so installation was real simple with the skins and the latch being the only items to really take any time. Once installed their is plenty of room left in the cab due to the doors bending out and the ride feels safer with the added security of the doors.

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Pro Armor RZR Doors