MotoSport Alloys

MotoSport Alloys

Platoon Wheels and Motogrip Tires

  For starters this combo looks awesome, the unique design of these wheels and tires are a big plus in my opinion. As we all know there are a lot of Rhinos in the woods and in order to make mine and yours stand out in the crowd we got to customize. We all know there is no better nor easier way to do that than a new set of wheels and tires. Several manufactures such as Motosport Alloys are always looking for ways to help us customize our Bikes, as well as make them perform to our riding needs. I personally feel with this combo they have done an outstanding job, these wheels not only look awesome but the unique design of the wheels as well as the tires really make them stand out in the crowd.

  These wheels feature a wide 2+5 offset which yields an extra six inches of width to your rhino over the stock 5+2 offset. However these wheels are offered in the stock offset if you prefer not to have the extra width, they are also offered in the twelve and fourteen inch sizing. The wheels feature a high gloss shine to not only look amazing but also help with keeping mud from sticking to their surface. The colored accents is something I really like it helps to really personalize the bike and make it stand out in the crowd. I choose the Blue accents to match my Blue plastics but these wheels are offered in several colors so you can choice your personal preference.

  These Tires have a very unique tread design which really caught my eye. Their tread design is similar to something you would find on an offroad truck. Yet their tread design is not the only thing they have in common, these tires are a 6 ply DOT approved Radial design which means on the hard pack and on the paved roads (which is legal in certain areas) they ride extremely smooth and handle great. Motosport Alloys offer these tires in a 26 inch sizing for either the fourteen or the fifteen inch wheel. The fourteen inch sizing offers slightly more tire flex in the rough trails and on the rocks for a slightly better bite and smoother ride. Where the fifteen inch sizing is designed for less flex and a more controlled high speed ride on a hard packed surface.

  Once mounted I took a few measurements and found these 26 inch tires measured 25.5 inches tall which is basically one inch taller than the stock 25's that measured 24.5 inches tall. Once the measurements was done it was time to ride. My first test was riding on the road to test the smoothness of this setup, which proved to be amazingly smooth all the way up to top speed. The handling was also greatly improved over stock due to the wide offset of the wheels and the Radial design of the tires. Next to the trails, In the rocks and the hard pack trails these tires got excellent traction and handled great. On to the slick trails and 4-6 inches of snow, These tires didn't get the best traction but they did do surprisingly well as long as I kept the wheels spinning so they could clean out.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a set of wheels and tires that offer an excellent ride and great traction on the hard pack as well as make your bike stand out in the crowd, This setup from Motosport Alloys is an excellent option.