Racer Tech Lowering Seat Bases


    In order to make a suspension seat a true suspension seat the seats have to be made bigger so they have room to flex when you come off a jump or hit a large bump at speed and this extra materiel can sometimes make a better quality ride but at the same time make for a less comfortable riding position.  The only way to cure this is to lower the seat with a set of thinner bases like these from RacerTech. These bases from RacerTech are a steel construction for added strength  as well as they are thinner to allow the seat to sit lower making a more comfortable ride plus they have the center cut out to allow for more seat travel on those big hits. These bases come in singles, are powder coated black, and are  formed for a tight fit and simple bolt on installation. Each kit comes with a single base and no hardware, I tried using the stock hardware and it hit so to keep from grinding down the head of the bolt I went to the local hardware and picked up a few bolts designed to be counter sunk into the base and used those for mounting the seat latch. The stock seat to base hardware worked back.

In the below image I had installed one RacerTech seat base on the driver side and the passenger side is still stock so you can see how much drop is given by these bases. The most of this drop is in the rear of the seat which gives a more laid back feel kinda like reclining the seat of a car.

These Bases are a simple bolt on but they are a tight fit so I first tested the base and latch assembled to make sure it would latch correctly before attaching the base to the seat. After the test fit I attached the base to the seat loosely and installed it in the bike and positioned the seat so it would clear then removed the seat and tightened the base to the seat. I then re-installed the seat and base assembly checking one last time making sure everything was clear and ready to ride.