QuadBoss ATV Chainsaw Carrier

    When on the trails you never know what can happen so being prepared and ready is a part of riding, for this reason we all carry several items we feel necessary and although everyone's box is stocked a little different we all have a reason for carrying what we do. Something a lot of riders fail to carry for one reason or another including myself is a chainsaw, generally one chainsaw in the group is plenty but if the one guy who generally carries the saw misses a ride or if for some reason his saw doesn't start it never fails the saw will be needed or at least it seems that way. If you are the guide and have 10-15 bikes behind you, depending on you to know what you are doing it can be embarrassing to have to turn the group around and find another way. By Having to turn around you not only loose time but you change the whole game plan that you had planned for the day and it can change the mood of the other riders. This is not so bad if you are on an "exploring ride" and you told everyone in advance to expect issues but then again if you are on an exploring ride that is when you should be most prepared because you know issues are more likely when on trails not rode regularly. From week to week and day to day on trails I ride regularly I have seen everything from extreme terrain washouts to fallen limbs or  trees so you can never be two prepared. After an exploring ride with several fallen trees and several turn a rounds with a lot of back tracking involved I have since been looking for a good way to mount a chainsaw on my RZR so I can add that to my list of trail necessities. I may not carry a chainsaw every ride out and I didn't want it to hinder my riding with me worrying about it  when it was on board  so I wanted a good mount where the chainsaw would be protected and secure.

In my search I had no luck with RZR specific mounts but I did find this QuadBoss mount for ATV's from which I liked the looks of and it looked like it would be easy to adapt to the RZR. After several months of searching and still finding nothing I decided to give the QuadBoss mount a try. When opening the package and getting out the components I knew right away the carrier was heavy duty and exactly what I was looking for but the mounting hardware would be useless for what I had in mind (which I had previously expected) so I went to the local hardware store and picked up two 1 1/4" conduit straps and some rubber coating in a spray can. When I got home I found the straps were almost a perfect fit for the 1 3/4" cage, although a little small which was good because it made for a good tight fit when mounted. You maybe thinking how can a 1 1/4" strap fit an 1 3/4" cage? The answer is Conduit is measured with I.D. (inside diameter) and the cage is measured with O.D. (outside diameter) so both Outside diameters are similar in size. After checking the straps and finding a good fit I lined everything up on several different parts of the cage in several different positions until I found a position I was satisfied with. With everything held in position the way I wanted it on the cage I then marked two additional holes in the QuadBoss mount so I could use two straps for a more secure mount (two holes which I used for one strap was pre-drilled). I then removed the mount to drill the two additional holes and sprayed the straps with the black rubber coating to not only make them match but to also allow a little cushion between the cage and straps. After the straps dried I installed everything with four bolts, eight washers, and four nuts. With everything mounted I slid my Craftsman chainsaw with 18" bar along with the chain/bar cover easily into the mount. Not very often do we need a 18" bar in the woods when riding but it is nice to know that it is there if needed and as you can see from the photos there is still plenty of room left in the mount for a larger bar if needed. To secure the chainsaw once slide into the mount I take a bungee strap and wrap it through the handle then around the cage.

In conclusion the QuadBoss mount was really easy and simple to adapt to the RZR and it is an awesome fit when done. This mount is heavy duty and a great option if you are looking for a quick way to carry a chainsaw.  One thing to keep in mind when carrying a chainsaw or anything else with fuel in it is make sure the fuel is sealed tight so you don't have to worry about leaks.

QuadBoss Chainsaw carrier