Pro Armor 5-Point Harnesses

A set is harnesses is my number one recommendation to anyone who just purchased a UTV! No matter if you ride rough on the trails of if you take it easy and ride just smooth trails there is always the possibility of an accident. Four Point Harnesses is usually sufficient but when you start riding hard with a set of four point from time to time you will find the lapbelt riding up a little higher than it should. I have been having this issue lately with our riding style getting rougher and rougher so when I seen Pro Armor announce that they were fixing to release their Five Point Harnesses, I right away made the call and ordered a set.

The Pro Armor Five Point harnesses are three inch H-style harnesses with thick sewn in pads and are Fully Adjustable for comfort. They also feature a mesh pocket in the right hand strap for the included led flashlight and a water resistant pocket on the left had strap for your phone or mp3 player. These harnesses passed all SFI tests and requirements for the racers. These harnesses are sold as five point harnesses but can be used as four or five point harnesses depending on your needs. 

I haven't had much time to try these harnesses out yet but over the next month or so I will be logging several miles and concluding this write-up with my findings.