RacerTech Control Bushings

    Shortly After starting the RZR build I found RacerTech and have since added several of their products to the RZR making it not only a lot more durably but also a better looking machine! And they are not done yet, it seems since I found them they have added several new products to their line up for the RZR including these bullet proof Control bushings. The stock control bushing are plastic by design which will wear in time and under extreme stress can crack/brake causing a loose sloppy feeling when driving the machine so when RacerTech announced they had these I had to have some.

These are tough bronze bushings that are really simple to install in place of the stock bushing that should prove to last as long as the machine with very little maintenance. These are designed to fit the one piece gas pedal so seeing My bike is a 2013 and has a two piece gas pedal I did have to modify a couple of these bushings to fit the new pedal design. The modifying was really simple and all I had to do was cut a little off each bushing that I was using in the new pedal to give them a little shorter length so they would both fit inside the new thin pedal design. In my opinion a custom look is a big thing when it comes to my toys but being durably is number one so I am always looking for ways to make it better, thankfully great companies like RacerTech are doing the same thing!