Rhino rear brakes

Changing the Yamaha Rhinos Rear Brakes


1.  Remove the master cylinder cap(this makes the caliber piston easier to spin back in)

2.  Remove the rear skid about maybe 7 bolts (8mm socket)

3.  Remove the two bolts holding the slide on (14 mm ratchet wrench) (I recommend blue threadlocker on reassembly)

4.  Then pull the caliber down under the bike slightly

5.  Remover the two Allen head flush mount bolts in the end of the caliber that hold the pads in place

6.  Then the pads should be easily removed

7.  Next turn the caliber piston clockwise to run it back into the caliber(you maybe able to do this by hand if not a big screw driver   

     will fit the slot and spin it in)

8.  Next remove the slide clean and grease the slide pins then install in the opposite order (minus spinning the piston)

    Don't forget to use the backing off the old pads on the new ones.


    If the slide is stuck you may have to remove the e-brake cable(no tool required) and the brake line (I think it was a 12mm)

    so you can get better access to the caliber.