EMP's Smack Back Buggy Mirrors!

   These mirrors are awesome, Made from 3/16th steel and powder coated for durability they have a strong and durably frame that is coupled with a 5 1/2 fully adjustable convex mirror for maximum viewing area. The 5 1/2" convex mirror has a stiffer hinge than the spring loaded arm so once they are set they stay in place even after the hinged arm works back and forth doing its job. The arms have a spring loaded hinge (which is adjustable for stiffness) that allows the mirror to fold in if they hit anything on the trails when the bike is in the forward motion and once clear they spring back to the original position so you never have to adjust the mirrors, if you are running mirrors now especially on the passenger side you probably done know how beneficial this is!

These mirrors have a latch that when applied holds the mirrors in for maximum clearance when you ride them really tight trails,  the tight trailers, and just anytime additional clearance is needed.  And with a simple two bolt install these mirrors can be installed and on the trails within minutes. Best of all like all of EMP's products these mirrors are made in the USA, Made in Cleveland Ohio.