Quickloader straps


 QuickLoader Ratchet Straps

    Went to the dealer expo for the first time this year and had a blast, not only did I meet a lot of great people but I got to check out a lot of new products and some tricked out bikes. While I was there I seen this strap called the Quickloader which I feel is an ingenious invention offered by Wessel Industries. These straps have a spring loaded barrel which coils the strap and keeps them organized when not in use and is simple to release when needed. Although this is huge this is not the only benefit of the Quickloader, the release handle of the Quickloader is extended up on the grip which makes releaseing the load much easier than a conventional strap. I love these straps so much I ordered four of the 4500lbs straps for use when hauling my rhino. With that said check out the video and see for yourself what you think..