Raptor 700

Raptor 700

   In early 2007 I set out to purchase a 450 class sport bike but after a little research I decided the Raptor 700 seemed to suit my needs better. In April of 2007 I bite the bullet and purchased a 2007 model Raptor 700, Now two and a half years later I am still very happy with my decision. This is an excellent bike that has proven that it excels in hard pack conditions due to the weight distribution. It is easy to ride with lots of low end torque, just ease out on the clutch and take off with very little throttle if any required. This bike has held up great, it has only had one failure which was the front sprocket seal that started leaking due to some debris getting behind the sprocket.

Following is the products I have added to this machine since its purchase in 2007.

Bill Balance edition HMF full exhaust system

Shortly after purchasing this bike in 07 I decided it needed "more power" so I ordered this exhaust(and Dynojet Power commander) which turned this bike into a whole different machine(HMF claims 10hp and I believe them). Not to mention this exhaust sounds great and looks just as good. This product has held up to the test of time with zero problems.

Dynojet Powercommander

When ordering the exhaust I also ordered this fuel controller which works great and has plenty of adjustment. I ordered my power commander already programed for my setup so it was just plug and play. If needed You can adjust this box on the fly with the buttons on the controller itself or just install a different map from your lap top. There are maps on dynojets website for several different intake and exhaust combos if you need one of them all you have to do is download them to your computer then upload them to the powercommander.

Pro Design Intake with K&N filter

 With the free flowing exhaust I decided to work on the intake so I added the prodesign intake with K&N filter, and outerwares pre-filter. This is an excellent setup that flows a lot more air than stock and does a really good job protecting the motor with the right maintenance schedule. With a gauze filter like K&N you do have to maintain it more often than a foam filter so if you are not going to perform the maintenance as required I suggest you stick with the foam filter. I have never found dirt in my intake track but like I said I perform regular maintenance.

Pro-Tec Air box lid

  With the other mods I decided I would benefit from running with an open airbox lid so I ordered this screen type airbox lid to keep the big debris like leaves and mud out of my airbox while at the same time allowing for more flow.

15 Tooth front sprocket

With the power increase from intake and exhaust mods this thing was really fast but It had so much torque I felt I could not get the full benefits of the power with the 14 tooth front sprocket so I went with a 15 tooth to try and calm it down. Which was a big help I can now launch hard in second gear but first gear is still basically useless except for slow rocky trail riding.

2008 YFZ 450 front shocks/GT Thunder rear linkage

  I installed 08 YFZ front shocks (with high and low speed adjustments) which lowered the front about 1 1/2 inches and the Gt Thunder rear linkage which also lowered the rear almost 1 1/2 inches. These two modifications I highly recommend they combined made a huge difference in the handling of this machine, climbing hills now it tracks strait as a string no more bouncing around, and on the rough trails it rides a lot smoother, even when going slow. The shocks also no longer bottom out when landing hard from a jump.

ITP's Holeshot GNCC's

 These tires work good in all trail conditions but like the Raptor they excel on hard pack terrain. They bite hard, slide predictably, and ride a lot smoother than stock.

Renthal Bars

These bars lower your hands to a more comfortably position for climbing hills and rougher riding.

Pro-Grip Hand Grips

These grips look good, are long lasting, and are a lot more comfortable than the stock grips. Be careful when installing grips and always glue the grip to the bar so they do not move.

Moose shorty Clutch lever with perch

This is an excellent item that makes the clutch more comfortable which is really appreciated on those long trail rides. When installing this lever and perch you have to remove the stock e-brake and add a block off plate on the rear brake caliber.

Moose Hand Guards

This item has saved me many scuffed knuckles due to limbs, briers, and other trail obstacles. These also protect you levers from the same obstacles as well as keep you grips from coming off the handlebars if they become loose. The stock clutch lever will not function properly with these guards without modification of the lever.

Pro Armor swingarm, Belly, and A-arm skids

These have proven to be durable and withstand lots of tough trail conditions while at the same time protecting the undercarriage, the engine, the chain, and the rear rotor from damage.

DG bumper

I purchased this bumper solely for looks, it has held up great and after pushing over two years worth of small trees and other trail obstacles still shines like new when polished.

Moose Nerf Bars

This is an item I feel every sport bike needs and should not be run with out. The nerf bars help protect your feet and legs.

Six Pack Rack

Adds a place to store some cold water for those long hot summer rides. And also acts as a wheelie bar if you get a little over eager on the throttle.