EMP Shifter lock

It seems like any more you are always hearing stories of some ones bike getting stolen so I am always nervous when it comes time to spend an overnighter on a long weekend ride, especially when staying at a hotel when the bike will be out of sight and definitely not out of mine all night.. Well this product from Extreme Metal Products helps to ease my mine. This is a simple bracket setup that bolts to the bike with supplied hardware and locks the shifter in the park position with the lock of your choice(lock was not included). 

This kit includes everything needed to install but I had to purchase a lock to use the unit. The instructions with this kit did not mention trimming the console to clear but after install I found my shifter rubbing on the black bracket so I removed enough material from the console to allow the bracket to sit inside the console (as you can see in the photo) and now the shifter has plenty of room and now the shifter does not touch the bracket. When not in use the yellow bracket can be removed and stored with the lock in the glove compartment or basically anywhere due to the small size.