Crow 4-Point Harnesses

Crow 4-Point Harnesses

 and Speed Industries Harness Bar

    I feel a good set of harness's is a must, it doesn't matter if you are an aggressive trail rider looking for a challenge or if you are a trail rider just out to spend time with the family, Safety should always be the first thing on your mind. If you ride offroad this may be the most important investment you can make and this is not something you want to buy because it is cheap this is something you want to buy because of its quality.

    Finding Koronis Parts Inc., from which I ordered my Beard super TSX seats, offered Crow Enterprizes'  4-point harnesses and Speed Industries harness bar I ordered them with my seats. The first thing I noticed when removing these harnesses and harness bar from the box was the quality and excellent craftsmanship of all the components. The harness bar is coated to match the stock rhinos cage and mounts in three locations making it a really strong location to mount the new harnesses. And Added benefits of these harnesses include easy adjustments at each point of the harness as well as a latch and link buckle system, and sewn in shoulder pads for added safety and comfort.   


  Installation of these harnesses and harness bar was very simple just remove the seats then unbolt the stock seat belts, bolt the Speed Industries harness bar to the cage, bolt the Crow harnesses to the stock seat belt lower mounting locations, and then attach the shoulder restraints to the harness bar. With the installation completed and the harnesses properly adjusted, it was time for the trail test. After riding several hours on some fairly rough trails, I must say these Harnesses were noticed and appreciated. Another thing I noticed was these harnesses were still adjusted correctly they did not loosen as I have heard so many others do. 

In conclusion if you own a Side X Side I feel a good set of harnesses are a very important, worthy, and necessary investment and this setup I received from Koronis Parts(Beard Racing) is an excellent choice.

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