Putco LED Dome Lights

I got this kit from streetsideauto.com It is the Putco LED Dome Light kit (Part#980012) for the 1999 to 2007 Super Duty Ford that fits all crew cabs and extended cabs.  This kit included four small lights that had four leds on each light and 2 large lights that had 12 led's on each light. My truck is an extended cab pickup so only half the lights included in the kit  were needed for my pickup but on a crew cab all of the lights would be required. These lights have a lifetime warranty with a 50,000 hour life expectancy which means they should out last the truck! And also have a Super-Low Voltage Consumption so you can let them burn longer without having to worry about the battery.

Have you ever noticed how dingy the stock dome lighting is? I new the stock lighting was dingy and dim but didn't know it was so bad until after installing these lights. These lights put off a bright "white" light which is great when your looking for something dropped in the floor, looking through the console,  or anything else. When making  the video it was hard to get a true before and after shot of the lights so it does not justify the difference made by these led's but it will give you an idea of how much they helped, how bright they are, and just how easy they are to install.