UTV INC Nerf Bars

   From the first time I looked at the RZR I felt the fender flares would take a lot of abuse and possibly get ripped off in the stock configuration so I went to UTV INC and Picked up a set of there nerf bars to add some much needed protection to the bike. These nerf bars like nerf bars for an ATV stick out the same width as the tires so if you rub on a tree the nerf bars rub the tree saving the fragile plastics. This setup came with black powder coated  nerf bars, 8 bolts, 16 washers, and 8 lock nuts and was a simple bolt on to existing holes in the chassis.

For a stock bike these are a very simple bolt on but if you have side skids  you may need to modify them to work with the nerf bars. I am running the Ricochet skids so I took them off, mounted the nerf bars, and then cut the ends of the skids so they would sit inside the nerf bar mounts.

The UTV INC nerf bars are designed as a left and a right and are marked with UTV INC cut into them, the cut goes towards the rear of the bike. These nerf bars also have a skid plate built in so with them and the Ricochet under body skids I now have full skids from side to side along with the added side protection of the UTV INC Nerf bars.

Here is a little video of the install..