BikeMaster Automatic Battery Charger

    Like most people in the past I have managed to neglect my batteries with full intentions of maintaining them from time to time but it seems that time just never came around. I have always had a battery charger but unless I hit the key and nothing happened it was seldom used. With the addition of the TRX450 to my stable and during the build I found I had a few issues with the starter and battery as well as adjusting the decompressor so I installed a new QuadBoss starter as well as a new Bikemaster Gel battery and then finally got the decomp adjusted where I feel it works best. Now the TRX starts pretty easy  but  some times it sits for a couple months between starts, especially in this cold weather, so I still like to know that before I try to fire it up the battery is topped off. On the TRX the battery isn't to hard to access but having to remove the cover and reinstall it just to top the battery off can be a little aggravating and I know some people who have left the cover off because they got tired of doing this which is not a good idea because then the rear tire slings mud and water all over the battery and its connections. With this in mind when I seen the BikeMaster Auto battery charger came with quick connect plugs, one that was a set of alligator clips and the other that was designed to be left on the bike I was to say the least intrigued!

After receiving the new unit first thing I did was remove the battery cover on the TRX and install the quick connect plug that came with the new charger on my TRX, then reinstalled the battery cover, and then connected the charger. I mounted this quick connect plug under the seat so to access it the seat needs to be removed, I did this for two reasons, one: it is better protected and two : this way I have no worry of just hopping on the bike and taking off while the charger is connected. I found this little quick connect so handy I also ordered a second one for my RZR, the rzr batteries are fairly easy to access but easier is always better in my opinion and I am more likely to keep them maintained if it is easier to do so.  Maintaining the battery with a good charger can extend the life of not only the battery but also the stator because with a topped off battery the stator does not have to work as hard on start up.

This charger plugs into a standard 120 volt socket and charges at 900ma, and unlike some battery maintainers this is an Automatic battery charger! This Automatic battery charger does not charge all the time, this charger only chargers when the battery needs charged. This Battery charger has a maximum charge of 14.8 volts and a maintenance charge of 13.8 volts to keep the battery at optimum voltage at all times. This charger is a simple design with only three lights, a red light that tells you it is connected, a yellow light that tells you it is charging, and a green light that tells you the battery is fully charged and the charger is monitoring the voltage.

Over the last couple months I have used this charger several times on several different bikes and even my lawnmower with zero issues. I have actually found myself using it where I would not normally use a charger just because of the simplicity of use and at around 35$ it is in my opinion not only a valuable investment but cheap insurance with a 5 year warranty.