QuadBoss Tilting windsheild

I choose this Quadboss tilting windshield for this bike because of its good looks and versatility.

By versatility I mean, With both pieces on and the windshield closed it acts like a full un-vented windshield which is great for blocking the wind on those cold days and the rain on those rainy days. On a warm/rainy day with the windshield partially tilted open it will allow a slight breeze to blow though keeping you cooler while also blocking some rain as well as mud and debris thrown from the tires of another bike.  On this windshield there is a couple different  locks on the tilting mechanism  so you can easily  adjust the tilt to best suit your needs through out the day as the weather changes from closed, to slightly opened to keep the windshield from fogging up, and to fully opened to allow a good cool breeze to blow through by simply loosening the two wing bolts, sliding the handles to the desired locations, and then re-tightening the wing bolts.. The top and bottom of this windshield is completely separate so they can be used separately, this means if you choose to run only the bottom for a day here and there it can easily be done, then if you choose to run the full windshield on occasion or through the entire winter it can be easily done by simply removing or installing the top section as needed.

The Quadboss tilting windshield comes with everything needed for install and all the brackets are a hard molded plastic design that matches the design of the RZR for a nice sporty look. The install of this windshield is a little time consuming  compared to a standard single piece full windshield but I feel it is well worth the little extra effort because of its ease of use and its versatility.


Feel free to e-mail me with any questions Neil@mudandgutsoffroad.org