RacerTech Dual Rate springs 2015 RZR 900S

Right after purchasing my 2015 RZR 900S I called Andy with Racertech looking for a solution to the stock springs but found he did not have a new S in house yet and did not know when he would get one in so we got together and made my bike the first test bike to find the ultimate spring package for the 2015 RZR 900S.  First I pulled my shocks and took a few measurements for Andy which he used to find the appropriate size springs and adapters for the new shocks, then a couple weeks  later I received my first shipment of springs. On the first shipment I received various springs in various weights totaling about 20 springs. I tried all of these on the  front and back but even though they where almost all better than stock I felt we could do better so I called Andy and placed the order for a few more springs. On the second and third run of springs I received several more springs in various weights, After putting all these springs through my tests I felt we where getting somewhere so I started putting more time on each set trying to get the absolute best feel for each set when comparing them to each other. When we finally decided I had the absolute best setup I decided to reinstall the stock springs so I could give them a good comparison to the RacerTech springs.

The front stock springs feel stiff when riding at speeds but they are actually quite soft, they feel stiff because they bottom out really easy and in most of my tests they seemed to stay bottomed out. The stock rear tender springs are real soft and if you put many miles on the machine with them on they will wear the threads off the shocks where they rub. I put very few miles on my bike with the stock tender springs and I still found damaged threads on my shocks, mine where not completely gone but they where to the point I wouldn't want to trust them. The stock lower rear springs on the other hand are extremely stiff which when combined with the stock tenders makes for a loose rear suspension and a rough ride at the same time.

In all my testing I did high speed runs in both fairly smooth trails and high speed riding including some high speed runs through a rough creek bed with 6-8" rocks, I tested in slow off camber rock climbs,  I tested in some whoops, and in all my testing the RacerTech springs proved far superior to the stock springs. Honestly when I first picked up the new RZR I felt it handled good and although a little loose it even rode pretty good but after running the RacerTech springs I found the stock springs where much worse than I had originally thought and now I could never go back.

In all my testing I tested the stock springs with the stock preload settings, I tested the RacerTech springs with their recommended 1/4" preload, and I had the clickers in the neutral position. You might ask why so little preload on the RacerTech springs when the stock springs had so much preload? Well to make a long winded explanation short in theory the less preload required the better the over all ride. On these shocks I also found they do not like preload, especially up front. Have you added a little preload to the stock springs to compensate for sagging stock springs or to increase ground clearance? Ever noticed a quick thud when the front tires leave the ground and the front shock extends fully? The excess preload and the stock valving is what causes this violent rebound, If you ride slow you may never notice this but if you ride aggressive you will notice this if you have not already. Although the shocks could use re-valving With the 1/4" preload of the RacerTech springs the rebound is not a big issue.

All along Andy told me to work on two sets of springs a medium set and a heavy set and although I feel the medium set will fit the bill for basically everyone they will have a heavy rate set just in case you need the heavier springs. Now with either of these sets you can expect a better ride than stock and you  can expect a little more ground clearance. On these kits we wanted to keep the RZR close to stock height but to achieve efficient  bottom out control and the smooth ride we where looking for we ended up an inch or so taller front and rear. On my personal bike I opted for 1/4" preload up front and more like 3/8"-1/2" in the rear, this yields for me about 1/2" rake from front to rear. If you want the 1" rake from front to rear the 1/4" preload should work for you.

In conclusion if you want a better handling RZR this is an excellent way to do it and no matter which setup you choose, the medium rate or heavy rate springs I feel you will not be disappointed!

If you have any questions about this setup feel free to e-mail me at: