UTV Crap Seat Bases


UTV Crap Seat Bases

  Have you ever noticed how the stock seats rock from side to side? I have and have always thought the aftermarket seat bases were an excellent idea but until I installed my new Super TSX seats I keep putting them on the "to do later list". After installing my new Beard seats I noticed my seat bases were incredibly weak and seemed to wobble around even more than stock. This is because the Super TSX seats are containment seats so while installing them I removed the containment bars that were originally equipped on my rhino leaving the plastic bases with no metal support allowing them to flex even more.

   Finding UTV Crap offered a set for the Yamaha Rhino, I called Nick at UTV Crap and got my set on the way. Installation of these bases was simple just unbolt the stock bases(4-Bolts) switch the latch from the stock bases to the new UTV Crap bases (2 more bolts) and bolt the new UTV Crap bases to the seats. These bases not only lowered my seats 1.5inches, they also moved the seats outward 1.5 inches which caused my Seizmik doors to hit my Super TSX seats before closing. This was a fairly easy fix, all I had to do was re-drill and counter sink 2 holes in the bases which relocated my seats to the stock position.  I called Nick at UTV Crap, told him the problems I had and what I did to fix them, then he informed me that he would reprogram their machines to drill both sets of mounting holes. So from now own you will have two options when mounting these bases, either stock locations or 1.5inches outwards. 

For full install instructions go here UTV Crap seat Base install

   I found these seat bases to have several advantages over the stock plastic bases.  For one they have the centers cut out, which allows the suspension seats to work without bottoming on the base(a big plus if you ride rough). Plus they are steel instead of plastic so there is less rocking from side to side, not to mention they lower the seats 1.5 inches giving you a lower center of gravity, a better overall feel, and make it easier to get in and out of the Rhino.

  In conclusion I found these seat bases a very worthy and necessary investment for me with my aftermarket suspension seats and I am confident you will feel the same way if you have aftermarket seats.


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