Beards Sport seats

Beards Sport Seats

If you have had your rhino very long I know you have noticed as I did that the stock seats have very little cushioning. This lack of cushioning is extremely noticeable when you get on a rough trail or if you are just riding fast on a smooth trail and find a small rut or mud hole. If you are reading this I assume you feel the same way I do about the stock seats and are in the market for a set of good comfortable seats. Beard a top manufacturer who has been designing quality suspension seats for many years offers several seats for the Rhino as well as other utility vehicles.

Beards Sport seats have been their number one selling seat for many years which I assume is due to their quality and  functionality. These seats are very similar to the stock seats in size and fit but that is about as far as the similarities go. These seats not only offer a custom look but they are a true suspension seat which means not only do they offer noticeably additional cushion when you initially sit in them, but the harder you ride the harder they work and the more you appreciate them. These seats are offered in several different colors choices so you can have them custom built to match your ride or built with universal colors so if you decide to change your plastic or trade your bike they will look great with any color configuration. The Sport seats I have here are a universal configuration.

Installation of these seats is easy and painless. All you have to do is unbolt the stock seats from the factory bases with the four retaining bolts then install the mounting clips on the new seats and bolt the new Sport seats to the stock bases with the included bolts leaving them slightly loose so you can adjust the seat by sliding it forward or backward so it rides comfortably and does not rub on the cage. Due to The clips on the seats being tight you may have to remove the seats from the rhino in order to adjust them to the desired position.

 I feel these seats are an excellent choice for basically anyone who is looking for a better and more comfortably ride. However if you are a racer looking for a containment seat you may want to check out Beards Super TSX seats.