DWT Diablos

DWT Diablos

14/8 with 3+5 offset

  With all the other modifications I have made to my Rhino, I decided it was time for a new set of wheels. I set out looking for a set of wheels that would not only offer stability to my rhino but would also compliment all the other added accessories and give my rhino a new attitude in the looks department. After finding DWT's new Diablo wheels, which offered a unique look and were available in several sizing configurations, I decided they were the wheels I was looking for.

 When ordering my wheels I decided on the 14/8 wheels all the way around with the 3+5 offset to give my Rhino a wider stance for greater stability. After a short inspection, I must say I am highly impressed with the attention to detail and the unique design of these wheels. Something that really impressed me about these wheels was the center cap design, the center caps are not removable (they are machined into the wheels), which means no more lost center caps. This design also offers unbeatable protection for the valve stem, it is almost completely hidden from obstacles on the trail.

 After a short time inspecting these wheels I began dismounting my Grim Reapers from my old wheels and began mounting them on these new Diablos. Mounting the rear eleven inch wide tires was a lot easier on these eight inch wide wheels as apposed to the seven inch wide wheels I was running before. Once they were all mounted, I took a few pictures then took it to the trails to see how it performed.

In the trails my Rhino now acts like a different machine. On the rough high speed trails the handling is much improved, I can travel the same trails as before with a much more stable feel and higher speed than ever before. The off camber sloops also feel much safer due to the wider stance. These wheels make my rhino approximately six inches wider than stock which is the equivalent of the +3 mid travel kits and come with a much cheaper price.

In conclusion if you want a set of wheels that will add unique styling and draw attention to your Rhino in the trails these wheels will do just that. If you want a wider stance and a more stable bike these wheels with the 3+5  offset will do that also. .