Performer Steering wheel

Speed Industries Performer Steering wheel


A few weeks ago I was riding Pickett with a few friends when my steering wheel broke. That's right it broke, I was going down the trail and hit a good sized rock which caused the steering wheel to basically fall a part in my hands. We limped it back to the truck then  After getting home, cleaning it up, and after a careful inspection I found nothing else damaged so I set out looking for a steering wheel.  I had three expectations I wanted to see in the new steering wheel. First it needed to be strong, second it needed to be comfortable, and third it needed to look good. The Speed Industries Performer steering wheel and hub adapter fill all these expectations.

 This performer steering wheel is wrapped in smooth  perforated black leather and has Satin aluminum spokes which add up to great looks, comfort, and durability. This steering wheel is also little smaller than the stock SE steering wheel measuring only 12.75" in diameter. Being smaller can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you ride and what you are looking for. If you are a bigger guy like me and need some leg room a smaller steering wheel like this is great because the extra leg room not only makes for a more comfortable ride but also makes getting in and out of the rhino a little easier.  But If you like to ride rough being smaller could be a bad thing because it takes a little more effort to steer the bike in rutted and rocky trails similar to running wider offset wheels or wheel spacers.

Installing this steering wheel is pretty strait forward, First you want to center the steering wheel so you can mount the new wheel on center. Next remove the stock steering wheel center, remove the nut holding the stock steering wheel in place, and then pull the old wheel off. If the old wheel is stuck you may need to use a steering wheel puller but sometimes if you do not have a steering wheel puller you can reinstall the nut till it is flush with the threads and tap it a few times with a hammer while applying up pressure on the old wheel to loosen the steering wheel and pull it off. With the old steering wheel off and out of the way slide the billet adapter onto the steering shaft (making sure to install the adapter where the new wheel will be on center) and reinstall the original nut with a little blue locktite. Next line up the new wheel with the adapter and install the six hex screws, slowly go from side to side when tightening these small screws so you don't strip them.. With the hex screws installed and tight its time to ride.

In conclusion if you are a trail rider and need a little more leg room this is a great option that offers more leg room, adds comfort, and looks awesome while doing it, but if you like to ride rough and need a little more leverage than this steering wheel provides  you may want to look into a little larger diameter steering wheel like the Speed Industries Profiler steering wheel.