QuadBoss Slimline Roof

QuadBoss Slimline Roof

  If you have ever rode on a hot summer day or a rainy day with no roof, I am sure you are like myself and feel a good roof is a necessity for the Rhino. An aftermarket roof not only adds unique looks and styling to the Rhino, but It also adds protection from the sun, rain, mud, and many other foreign obstacles found on the trail. This slimline roof from QuadBoss is one of your options.

 This slimline roof is a foam filled design which adds much needed strength and durability. This roof is designed to work with several other accessories that are offered by QuadBoss, it allows the QuadBoss overhead stereo compartment I am running bolt up high in the cage for maximum head room. This roof was easily mounted with the included hardware, it has four brackets that are attached to the upper cage with the existing bolts that hold the upper cross bars in place. The roof is then attached to those brackets with the included bolts, washers, and nuts.

   The front of this roof is held high when mounted to allow as much visibility as possible when riding. Due to this there is a gap between the EMP top half windshield and this roof (as can be seen in the pictures) which I did notice was allowing a lot of cool air enter the cab(30 degree weather). I may look into changing windshields to confiscate for this gap.

 In conclusion;

If you do not have a roof on your Rhino I highly recommend one. This roof from QuadBoss is an excellent option that I feel will prove to be a very rugged, durably, and worthy piece.



Will not work with Seizmik upper doors.