Slick Offroad Wash

With everyone talking about Slick Offroad Wash  I had to get some and try it out for my self. I got the "Total Experiance Package Plus" which included Slick's 1 Gallon Applicator, 5 packets of Slicks Super Concentrate, vinyl stickers, a foam drink koozie and anodized aluminum bottle opener. The Applicator is a quick to assemble one gallon sprayer.

On the last clean up before using slick I took a little extra time getting every part cleaned and hand washed to see just how good Slicks Wash works! Shortly after getting the package open I assembled the sprayer and poured some super concentrate into the sprayer then thought I was going to add the water with a garden hose which was a NO NO, Do not put the concentrate in before the water and expect to fill with a garden hose because this stuff really suds up! Pour one gallon of water into the sprayer and then pour in one packet of Slicks Super Concentrate next  insert the pump making sure it is tight then shack it vigorously to mix the product. After that you are ready to saturate the bike with the wash, be sure and use this stuff immediately following the ride and in the shade for best results! If used in the sun it will dry before getting the 4-5 minutes of soaking time required for it to work.

As you can see in the video once sprayed the wash went right to work soaking into the dried mud and once set for a few minutes the mud washed right off making clean up a lot easier and a lot less time consuming than a normal. I have only used this one time so far  so I will update after a few more washes.

Well enough talk you can see for your self in the below video and if you decide you want to try it out use coupon code "INSIDER" for %20 off your purchase at