Pro Armor's Pro Am seats

These seats from Pro Armor are a true suspension seat that are to say the least a lot more comfortable than the stock RZR seats that were in my S.. The stock seats have no side to side support and they are a little narrow for me not to mention a little lacking of cushion so I went to Pro Armor and picked up a set of their Pro Am seats in Black with blue stitching/Piping. These Pro Am seats have slots for harnesses so when installed and combined with harnesses there is no moving around in the seat, no matter what kind of trail you find yourself riding. And best of all the fit of these seats are awesome, when I sit in the seats it feels like they were made for me they are the perfect size and they say they fit up to a 48" waist comfortably (I wear a 34).

Installing these seats is real simple you basically just unbolt the seat bases from the stock seats and bolt them to the new Pro Am seats. Something really cool about the Pro Am seats is that they relocate the seat latch to the top of the seat which makes it real simple to remove the seats without having to fish around behind the lower seat trying to find the latch..