Beard Super TSX Seats

Beard Super TSX Seats

  I would like to start by saying, I am a trail rider from Tennessee, here we have a huge selection of trails from gncc type trails to more aggressive rock climbing and steep hill climbs. On a good day of riding we can travel a little bit of everything so when I research parts for my UTV or my ATV I always look for parts that will excel in all our riding conditions.


 Based on these facts, I have spent a lot of time researching my options for a set of seats for my rhino and with it being such a big investment it was not something I wanted to do nor could I afford to do more than once. After doing a lot of research and finding Beards new Super-TSX seats being a true suspension seat and the chosen seat of many of today’s top UTV racers and with The Super-TSX seats being available in three different configurations, low back or high back with either a fixed or adjustable headrest. With the low back being designed for OEM roll cages and the high backs designed for custom cages they have a very good selection to fill the needs of most riders whether it be a pro racer or a general trail rider. These seats also come in several color choices of which I choose Black and silver with blue piping to match my Blue Rhino. 

   Keep in mind if you order these seats you will need a good set of harnesses also as they are containment seats and your stock seat belts will not work, Knowing this I also ordered a set of Crow 4-point harnesses and speed industries harness bar from Koronis Parts. If you are looking for a set of seats which are not containment seats Beard offers a Rhino Sport seat which is a true suspension seat that can be used with the stock seat belts and will accumulate a larger rider.

     Installation of these seats was very simple just unbolt the stock seats from their original bases and bolt the new Beard seats to the stock bases. These seats are adjustable so I adjusted mine so there was about a half inch clearance between the back of the seat and the stock cage. After installing these seats I will have to admit I was very satisfied with my selection, the fitment and quality of these seats are remarkable not to mention it gave my rhino a whole new attitude in the looks department. And for the ride, First I tried some slower trail riding then as the day went on I picked up the pace to really put these seats to the test. After hours of hard riding I found these seats to have an excellent ride quality, so much better than the stock seats it is almost unbelievable. There is also no more sliding around in the seat (I am 6ft tall and 215lbs) these seats combined with the 4-point harnesses fit me snug and keep me comfortably where I belong at all times.

  Was it a worthy investment?

For me these seats are a valuable investment. Before I was skeptic about paying for a set of aftermarket seats but after riding in my new Super TSX suspension seats I must say I feel they were worth ever penny.

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