JBS Sheave with 12gram Greaseless weights.

JBS Sheave with 12 gram Greaseless weights.

   Shortly after getting the rhino in 2008 I felt it was to say the least a little under power so I  set out looking to free up some more power. First I decided to try a modified sheave with the EPI blue spring and 12 gram weights, I ran this setup for nearly 2000 miles and it worked great but I still wanted a little more low end and with all the talk about James' sheaves I decided to call him and see what he had to say. Needless to say a few days later I shipped him my stock sheave and ask him to cut it with his cut then install a set of 12 gram greaseless weights, sliders, and anything else I may need.

     In the box I found my stock sheave cut with James cut, a set of 12 gram greaseless weights, matched sliders, and a new cam plate already assembled.  I say matched sliders because James test fits all components and if needed modifies the sliders for best fit and most power. After the install the first thing I noticed was the initial cold hesitation I had before was gone! Before I had to let the grease get warm before it would hit top speed but now that lag is gone due to the greaseless weights. I also found the shift/lag the other modified sheave had at about 32 was not non-exsistant with the JBS sheave, the JBS sheave accelerates smooth all the way up to top speed. This combination seems to have a slightly fastest acceleration and seems to rev a little harder at top speed then before with the other modified sheave and greased roller weights. But the real gain is on the trails and hill climbing, before on a slick hill I could hold the throttle wide open with no worries of blowing out the tires but now I got to watch myself because I have found with the JBS sheave it has just enough power to spin out on a few occasions. Another real time gain is after letting off the throttle to enter a turn when I reapply throttle the rhino seems to pull significantly harder and jump back up to speed a little faster.

 I feel if your bike has a stock sheave and weights the best money you can spend for performance is a modified sheave and lighter weights. With this modification my bike will spin the 26" Dirt Commanders where it wouldn't even think about spinning the stock tires due to this freed up horsepower and gearing change.

For more info on the JBS sheave setup call James at 1-304-673-2602.